Everyone at this office cares about you and wants you to get better as fast as possible. I had a car accident and had extensive injuries to my neck and back. Dr. Powell told me it would take some time for me to get better, but that they would do everything they could to get me better as fast as possible. He combined acupuncture with adjustments and therapy which really helped my pain, and exercises that helped me stay pain free longer. I could not be more thrilled with my outcome. I highly recommend you come here first!

— K.B., 39

I came to Dr. Powell with longstanding neck pain that had not been helped with medications or physical therapy. He actually examined my neck, which was more than anyone else had done. He explained my X-rays and all the treatment before it was given. I was better within two weeks and Dr. Powell gave me exercises that help, not hurt! Thanks Dr. Powell!

— H.R., 62

I was referred to Dr. Powell by a friend. To be honest, I was always skeptical of chiropractors. Dr. Powell is a professional, and what always impressed me is that he actually looked at me while he LISTENED to what was going on with me. After he examined me, he determined that the problem was my lower back, not my hip. I was better in a month!

— A.S., 55

I had a rotator cuff injury that caused a frozen shoulder. I had been to another acupuncture office, they wanted me to pay for a year of treatment. Dr. Powell told me that if I didn't get any better in 3 weeks, acupuncture probably wouldn't help me. After 4 visits with Dr. Powell, I had over 75% of my motion back and almost no pain. 5 more visits and my shoulder was 100%, Dr. Powell said something like, "Come back if it starts to get worse," that was over 2 years ago!

— T.B., 60

I have spinal stenosis and was convinced I was going to need surgery. A friend begged me to talk to Dr. Powell first. He went over my MRI with me, examined me, and described what he would do. He also told me that this was a condition that he has successfully managed many times before. I agreed to try care for 2 weeks. Unbelievable. Within a week I could walk twice as far without having to sit and I was standing straight up for the first time in a year!

— J.M., 65

As a competitive athlete, I require a lot from my body. When my lower back went out, I wanted to get back to my sport as quickly as possible. Dr. Powell treated me with chiropractic and natural anti-inflammatory supplements. I was back at it in a week, pain-free in two! Thanks Dr. Powell!

— D.F., 22

I was one of Dr. Powell's first patients. Over the past 20+ years, I've been in for a lot of different problems. Dr. Powell has always been straightforward with me whether or not he could help me. Believe me when I tell you, you can trust this guy! If you have pain, call him, it'll be the best decision you ever made.

— T.H., 56

Dr. Powell explains things to you in a way that you can understand and makes sense. I had pain for six months, tried injections, which helped for a day. Dr. Powell told me that even though my MRI looked bad, the reason I was having pain in my arm was because the nerves were getting squeezed by muscles deep in my shoulder. He started me on stretches, adjustments, and therapy that same day. The pain was gone within a month. Thanks, Doc!

— E.S., 47

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