Incorporating nutrition into your treatment plan complements and enhances your care and improves your results. Nutrition helps you achieve the best possible outcome in the least amount of time, and at the lowest possible cost. From customized nutrition and weight loss programs to the benefits of supplements, Integrated Chiropractic & Acupuncture will be your partner in helping you achieve optimal health and vitality.

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100 years ago, the nutritional content of food was high. Crops were locally grown in rich soil that had been naturally fertilized. Although the demands of daily life were high, the nutritional content available in the food was sufficient to meet these demands.

The highly processed, chemicalized, genetically modified foods we have today do not contain sufficient nutrients to address the unprecedented demands of modern daily life. How do we obtain the necessary nutrition? A good start is to set a goal to purchase 90% unprocessed, organic, non-GMO foods. While this used to be more difficult and more expensive in the region, affordable options are available at most grocery stores, including Aldi and Meijer. The second step is to bridge the remaining gap with whole food supplements.

How Do You Choose Supplements?

TV commercials or infomercials? Dr. Oz? Advice from friends or family? Advertisements are often misleading and TV doctors have been known to have conflicts of interest, which makes choosing the correct supplement confusing, but now it doesn’t have to be!

Dr. Powell’s training and experience will provide you with the guidance you need to obtain the best results from nutritional supplementation.

At Integrated Chiropractic & Acupuncture, we recommend Standard Process™ and MediHerb™ whole food supplements and herbal preparations. Standard Process™ whole food supplements focus on potency, which is far more important in providing nutritional support than quantity. The more potent a supplement is, the greater the therapeutic effect. You can learn more about whole food supplements by visiting the Standard Process™ website.

Weight Loss

The struggle with weight loss has touched nearly everyone in their lifetime. Despite surgical procedures to cut off your food supply and drugs to speed up your metabolism, obesity and diabetes have increased to epidemic levels. Over the years, we have been taught that we're eating too many calories, or too much fat, or too many carbs. Research can be cited to support or refute each argument. The bottom line, however, is very simple: Americans are OVERFED and under-nourished!

Program Overview

Our program is unique in its utilization of a 21 day detoxification and purification program designed specifically to optimize and support systems that absorb nutrition and regulate metabolism. Think of it like cleaning the fuel system of your car, which makes it more efficient and powerful.

Einstein said that doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results was the very definition of insanity. He also said that a problem cannot be solved by the same thinking that created it. Can you really lose weight and keep it off by eating the same foods that made you overweight in the first place?

This time, do something different! Let us show you the path to weight loss success, based on science and supported by people who care about your health.


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