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When you have a new or recurring issue with Low Back Pain (LBP), sometimes circumstances prevent you from getting in for treatment…say…a pandemic for instance.  The following videos may help you help yourself when you cannot get to the office. Also, refer to the recent posts below for other tips on managing pain at home!

First, before jumping into the exercises, we have to determine which kind of exercise will be most beneficial to you. This simple assessment video will help you determine if you will benefit more from flexion (forward bending) exercises or extension (backward bending) exercises.

CAUTION: When doing the assessment DO NOT push through pain. Stop and return to neutral.

Self Assessment

So, if you had pain bending forward and even perhaps felt better bending backward, view the McKenzie video below.

McKenzie Style Exercises

Likewise, if you had pain bending backward and maybe felt better bending forward, view the Williams videos below.

Williams I

Williams II

We hope that none of you have an issue while in isolation, but if so, we hope this helps you! Stay safe, stay healthy!